Can you imagine being made emperor of China at the age of 13?

I admit it could have gone to my head a bit.

At one time China was just a bunch of separate states. After being crowned at the age of 13, Zhao Zheng is the emperor who conquered all them all and unified China. He had over 10,000 life size terra-cotta warriors built to guard him in the afterlife. It took 720,000 people to build the warriors and his tomb. Unfortunately for them he killed all of the workers as soon as they finished construction, to keep the details of all of his treasure secret. 

He also built the great wall and was obsessed with finding a magic potion to become immortal

Tripods are not allowed in the Warrior pit, but I decided to risk it and was able to hide myself
in the crowd of tourists. I shot for like an hour with the tripod and no one ever noticed.
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