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There are many different ways to create a mobile life and the freedom to live anywhere. Blogging and internet marketing may not be right for everyone, but for those that can pull it off they offer major advantages. You can work virtually anywhere, and having an internet presence opens doors all over the world. In this video, I interview Diggy a 24 year old from south africa that has created his own motivational community called Upgrade Reality. We talk about what he would do differently with Upgrade Reality if he was starting over today and he gives some great tips for new bloggers. One of the things you will notice about Diggy is that Upgrade Reality is more than a job for him, it is his way of making a difference in the world

Here are links to the other sites we talk about in the Interview.

1) Viper Chill. Glen Asop who founded Viper Chill is a internet Guru who has made a living online since the age of 16. He specializes in internet marketing and getting websites to the top of the search engine rankings.

Both Ryan Diess and Jeff Walker are the real deal in internet marketing. If you have ever wanted to make a living online and go travel the world they will be a good place to start. Here are their sites:

2) DrivingTraffic

3) Jeff Walker

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