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I made a short tutorial, that teaches how to to save money on flights using Kayak. Knowing how to use a few of these little tricks can not only save money, but hours of flight time.



The Endless Weekend community has grown a lot in the last 4 weeks. If you are new here, you might enjoy reading a couple of the article’s I have published on other sites. The first one is called Airplane Ninja. The website is Vagabondish and is one of my favorite sites for world travel. I actually used one of these tips yesterday, and got a free place to sleep on my flight to India. The second one is called Vision Training 101 and is full of ways to quickly attain anything you want. The site is Upgrade Reality and is run by Diggy. Diggy  is a digital Guru at the age of 24 and just an all around cool guy.  He makes his living online and travels extensively.  Enjoy and let me know if you have any tips I should add. Justin


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I have been as guilty of spending to much time on an IPhone as anyone else.  So to prepare for my upcoming trip I spent some of that time in the App store. Here are 4 of the best RTW apps I stumbled across.

Pack and go deluxe

Trip it

1) Pack and go deluxe.

This app could not be any easier. You just click through a few folders and put checkmarks next to things you need to pack. When you are ready to go, click done on each item to take it off the list. Not only did it work, it only took me 12 minutes to plan for a trip around the world.







2) Trip It

A super travel organizer. You simply forward your itinerary and it transfers it (over your data connection) into the phone for you. It will also put your hotel confirmations, as well as transfer information all in one spot. It works without an internet connection so you can use it for free worldwide.




Kayack Pro





3) Kayak Pro

This is a good all around travel app. You can use it to search all of the big travel websites at one time. It can also convert currencies, organize your packing list, store an itinerary, look at airport maps, and a bunch of other things.






4) Skype

Just keeps getting better and better. The user interface is a lot like the Iphone now. You can keep your contacts in a rolodex and call worldwide for a few cents a minute. It also supports video chat right on the phone. If you want to video chat with someone who does not have an iphone, they can still use Skype from their computer.





This is pretty much the holy grail of credit card offers. You get 50,000 miles for signing up for the card, and another 50,000 for spending $2,500 in the first 90 days. It works out to be enough miles for 2 round trip airline tickets from the US to Europe. The promo expired on May 6th, however i have still seen them approve people for it. It would be worth a call to ask.

Click here for Chase 100,000 miles offer




I know it can sound like a dream, but it may be lot more realistic than you think. My brother Jon recently did a Round the World trip for 7 weeks (Vietnam, Thailand, Bali, New Zealand, and Fiji)and his airfare only cost him about $2800. If you took 5 individual flights to Asia, you could easily spend 2-3 times that amount. Once you actually get there though most of the countries he went to are affordable for almost anyone. I recently tried out a boutique travel agency in San Francisco called Airtreks that specializes in exactly this kind of travel. I discovered Airtreks a few years ago and since then have spent quite a few hours day-dreaming over their custom RTW routes. I decided to test, if booking through Airtreks truly was cheaper than going through Expedia. Below is a list of the countries on my route, it came to a total of 10 countries and 15 flights. My goal with this route was to visit 17 countries during the first stop in Europe then continue on.

  • UK
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Tibet
  • Bali
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Tahiti

After getting a quote with Airtreks, my price tag (with taxes) came to about $5100. I tried to do a comparison on Expedia and was only able to enter the first six flights (thats all they would accept). For just the first 6 flights though, the price was $9400. At that rate, Expedia could easily have been above $20,000 for all of the flights. RTW tickets cost less money because they are sold in bulk. You may end up doing some overnight flights, however they are flexible on dates and will let you take up to a year to finish the trip. Here, are a few of the other routes on my personal to do list. The routes (below) are great, and you can customize the list of cities. You simply enter dates and add or delete cities. It is pretty easy after that, you have a phone call with a counselor that walks you through different flight options for each of the legs. They also give you insurance and travel support while you are on the road. Enjoy, and make it a goal to do at least one of these in your life. Justin


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