The Life Masters

There are many different ways to create a mobile life and the freedom to live anywhere. Blogging and internet marketing may not be right for everyone, but for those that can pull it off they offer major advantages. You can work virtually anywhere, and having an internet presence opens doors all over the world. In this video, I interview Diggy a 24 year old from south africa that has created his own motivational community called Upgrade Reality. We talk about what he would do differently with Upgrade Reality if he was starting over today and he gives some great tips for new bloggers. One of the things you will notice about Diggy is that Upgrade Reality is more than a job for him, it is his way of making a difference in the world

Here are links to the other sites we talk about in the Interview.

1) Viper Chill. Glen Asop who founded Viper Chill is a internet Guru who has made a living online since the age of 16. He specializes in internet marketing and getting websites to the top of the search engine rankings.

Both Ryan Diess and Jeff Walker are the real deal in internet marketing. If you have ever wanted to make a living online and go travel the world they will be a good place to start. Here are their sites:

2) DrivingTraffic

3) Jeff Walker



Tony is a completely blind, mostly deaf kid who has solo travelled to 62 countries!

When setting out to travel the world, we all have fears to conquer, thats why it was so amazing to talk to Tony Guiles. Tony is a blind and mostly deaf kid who has solo travelled to 62 countries and 7 continents. He sky dives, is an avid bungee jumper and wrote a great book called “Seeing the World My Way”.  In this interview I talk to Tony about solo traveling blind, and what it has taught him about life and people. To listen click here or (below)




I have just finished most of my traveling this year and will be settling down in Southern Florida for a while. I am shifting the focus of the Endless Weekend from photography to writing (even though I will continue to post photos from my adventures). To get started, I thought I would introduce you to five of my favorite writers. All of them have mastered their lives in different ways and enjoy a tremendous amount of freedom. No one person can help you master every area of you life, but in the area of travel these five are a good place to start.

So here are 5 of my favorite life masters.

1) Timothy Ferris: Author of The 4-Hour Workweek, Expanded and Updated: Expanded and Updated, With Over 100 New Pages of Cutting-Edge Content.

I had been planning on creating a travel and life coaching website for several years. When I saw 4 hour workweek, I was amazed because Tim pretty much nailed the concept I was going for. Tim has traveled and lived all over the world, and has two bestselling books. He is not only an epic world traveller and adventure seeker, but an ingenious online marketer. You can check out his blog here, it gets around a million hits a month.

2) Chris Gullabaleau: Author of The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World

Chris is the author of an exceptional book and corresponding blog The Art of Non Conformity. Chris helped inspire my goal to photograph every country in the world in HDR. He nearly completed his goal of world domination and has already travelled to around 170 countries.

3) Ralph Potts: Author of Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

Ralph is living proof that long term world travel can be done at almost any income level. He lived in Korea for 2 years and taught English. He saved $18,000 dollars and used it to travel for a year and a half. His book “Vagabonding” is epic, and a must read. You can see his website here

4) Trey Ratcliffe: Author of A World in HDR

Trey’s Blog Stuck in Customs is hands down the best travel photography site on the Internet, and recently his photos surpassed 20 million views. Trey has brought HDR photography into the mainstream, and inspired millions worldwide to travel with breathtaking images. His website is an excellent way to pick out extraordinary places to see, as well as learn HDR photography. He is a constant innovator and has free tutorials and photography lessons galore.

5) Leo Babauta: Author Zen Habits: Handbook For Life

Leo is the founder of A-list bloggers as well as his blog Zen Habits. His specialty is teaching how to simplify life, by removing mental noise and other things that waste our time and money. By being absolutely clear about what we want in life, we can eliminate the things that drain our finances. Sometimes less is actually more. If you truly want the freedom, (to live and travel around the world) then why not remove the waste in your life. In the hectic world we all live in, Leo’s message is one many of us can benefit from (he has amassed 230,000 email subscribers so far).

All of these books and websites truly are life changing and are worth your time. They will challenge your ideas on living and what is really possible.

I am really excited about the projects I will be releasing in the next few months. I will be finishing my book and organizing as many great resources as I can here on the EW. If you find the info in this post valuable, please share it with someone. You never know what kind of difference you will make in someones life.