The Castle Road

My first experience with Prague was  a little rocky. As soon as I got off the train, a cab driver tried to charge me 50 Euros to drive me 3 miles. I tried some intense haggling and even physically walking away. I eventually got them down to to 40 Euros and made it to my hotel. Once I got out into the city and started walking around though I saw why people love it so much. It really has a unique sort of magic to it. This shot is the road to Prague Castle and is 3 exposures blended together.

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idebenone February 2, 2013 at 7:44 pm

We traveled by train between the different cities and tried to keep our bags overhead, where we could see them. However, I did put my big bag in the “baggage area” (front/rear compartment of each train car), but made sure to lock it up with a cheap cable lock I bought at Longs Drugs for less than $10. It might seem excessive to lock your bags to the train itself, but NOTHING will prevent anyone from taking your bag at the next train stop and walking away with it. $10 and a little hassle for a lot of piece of mind.


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