Travel Hacking Consulting

After putting roughly 6,000 copies of AOWT into circulation in the last six months, I realize that some people need one on one attention.

I am now offering Coaching Sessions and Award Consulting to help you through the process of acquiring and spending a stack of Frequent Flyer Miles.

Here is what you will get out of one of our sessions.

90 minute Coaching Session Price $195

1) A specific travel vision and an easy plan to implement it.

2) You will have a good understanding of the FF miles system and a plan (based on your travel goals) for your first 2-3 cards you should churn.

3) You will be on your way to earning at least 4-6 free airline tickets in the next 3-6 months.

I feel confident that I can provide much more than $195 worth of value, so I am offering you a money back guarantee. If you don’t feel that you will receive 10x what you paid for our session in free travel, your session is free.

Award Consulting

If you already have a nice stack of miles in different programs but have a hard time using them, I can also help you with that. You will simply send me the itinerary you need and pay me once I find you a flight. I have special software that costs about $1250 a month to use and years of experience learning the tricks of the trade. I often surprise my clients by finding them award tickets they can book when they have repeatedly been told by the airlines that there is nothing available.

Here is the cost:

1) One Coach Ticket $100–Extra tickets for same itinerary $50
2) One Business Ticket $150–Extra tickets for same itinerary $100
3) One First Class ticket $200 –Extra tickets for the same Itinerary $150

Please send me an email to or call me @ 843 424 3425.

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